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Did the bot resolve your issue? Build a query resolution bot with Konverse AI to instantly solve your users’ problems.

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A query resolution bot must resolve your user queries efficiently. Follow the steps below to create a query resolution bot intending to address the user’s issue.

  • Start by gathering basic user information like name and email id after greeting.

  • Then, build the flow of the bot with a choice - register your query or talk to an agent, as shown in the video

  • In case the agent is unavailable, the user will be redirected to the ‘register your query’ option where they can put up the query details using the jump node.

  • Create the bot flow from the Konverse dashboard ➡ Story builder

  • Create a text node with customizations and preview

  • Then, use the name node under collect data to gather user name and email id.

  • Choose the text node with buttons to build the flow further. Don’t forget to use the personalization option to address the user by their name. 

  • Add options and build the flow for each option

  • View the completed flow and save

  • Test the bot from the platform or on your website (Follow the video for the testing process)

**For the starters, follow the exact steps in the video to build an efficient query resolution bot.

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