How to run WhatsApp Campaign

Want to run a WhatsApp campaign? With Konverse AI, it’s a breeze. Click here to find out the steps of running a WhatsApp campaign.

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Drive your sales with the easy WhatsApp campaign builder. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Konverse dashboard

  • Click on whatsapp campaign option from the left menu bar 

  • Click the ‘new campaign’ button

  • Add the desired campaign name and contact number you will use to send the file 

  • Choose the template 

Scenario 1: If you want to send the campaign to all contacts

  • Toggle the given button 

  • Click on Upload and attach file 

  • Preview the template

  • Download the sample in CSV. Here you can see the layout

  • Add data and parameters in the file and save in .csv format

  • Attach the broadcast data file to the campaign

  • If all looks good then click proceed

Scenario 2: If you wish to send the file to different individuals, 

  • Don’t toggle the given button

  • Download csv sample file

  • You’ll see two additional columns. Add data and attach the file in the same way as in the previous scenario

Scenario 3: If your Whatsapp template has a CTA button

  • Here, when user clicks the CTA, it can trigger a story

  • For this, you can choose any story

  • Proceed if everything seems good

  • Map files in csv to the correct headers

  • You can get back to the campaign page and track the analytics like engagement rate, bounce data, read, reply, etc.

  • Download campaign report if needed

  • You get three other options- view, clone, and broadcast file

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