Collect Data: Survey Node

The survey node enables your bot to conduct a quick survey with your customer. Find out how you can use the node and let your bot conduct surveys within seconds

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Use the survey node to gather quick feedback from users. See how it works 👇

⦿ Create an initial greeting message using the text + buttons node

⦿ Name the buttons - Know more & Talk to agent

⦿ Then, use the survey node under collect data

⦿ Then you can choose to create a new survey or use an already created one as shown in the video

⦿ Using the survey node, under the know more button, choose and attach your created survey to the flow

⦿ Provide two buttons - submit survey and cancel

⦿ If the user chooses to submit the survey, send them a thank you message and if they choose to cancel, redirect them to the main menu

⦿ Save the flow

⦿ Test the bot

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