Build a Basic e-Learning Bot

Got an elearning bot for your EdTech website? If not, consider having one. Click to find out how you can build an efficient elearning bot with Konverse AI

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Want to create a web support e-learning bot? Here's how you can do it

⦿ Get to the Konverse dashboard and choose story builder

⦿ Start by greeting the user. Create the message using the text node along with the navigation buttons

⦿ Provide the user with two options - ⦿ Explore courses ⦿ Talk to a counselor

⦿ Collect the basic user info like name and email id using the name and email nodes respectively

⦿ Offer the user with the choice of different courses using the card node (as shown in the video)

⦿ For the talk to a counselor button take a survey first using the survey node to get a context

⦿ Create a new survey - Go to the left panel and click on survey (see the video for details)

⦿ After attaching the survey to the flow, offer two options - if the user submits the survey, they get connected to a counselor, if they cancel it they get redirected to the main menu.

Note: You can redirect the user to the main menu using jump to story node.

⦿ If the counselor is unavailable, the user can be redirected to the data collection section node where the user can put in their queries

⦿ If everything's okay, save the flow

⦿ Test the bot as shown in the video

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