Bot Replies: Card Node

Add cards to bot conversations to make them more fun. Click here and find out how you can use the card node to attach images with titles, subtitles & buttons.

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The use of the Image node in bot building with Konverse AI.

Here are the steps👇

⦿ Land on the Konverse dashboard

⦿ Choose the story builder option

⦿ Using the text node, initiate the bot conversation with greeting

⦿ Add two buttons to the greeting -talk to an agent and know more

⦿ Choose the card node under bot replies

⦿ You'll get option to attach image, add title, subtitle, buttons

**Buttons provide option to navigate a specific URL or continue. You also get options for deleting cards, swapping the cards and adding new cards.

⦿ Create cards as shown in the video

⦿ Save and test the bot

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