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Understand how to handle commonly asked questions by your customers, capture the intents and add followup to close conversations elegantly.

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FAQ training in the chatbot is one of the most important and crucial step in order to make your bot more interactive and ease the demands on their online customer support by answering the most frequently asked questions automatically.

Here at Konverse platform you can train the Frequently asked questions by yourself without any coding knowledge, all you have to do is follow few steps-

  1. Go to Bot Builder present on the left panel of the screen
  2. Select FAQ
  3. Click on Create FAQ
  4. Write the FAQ in Name Intent 

Intent- Within a chatbot, intent refers to the goal the customer has in mind when typing during a question or comment. While entity refers to the modifier the customer uses to explain their issue, intent is what they really mean.

  1. In User Says start adding the same FAQ which you wrote in Name Intent along with its Utterances. You can multiple utterances for an intent.

Utterance- These are the inputs by the users. Utterances are like clauses. Anything the user says is an utterance. We use utterance to train NLP so that it can correctly identify the intent of the user.

Training FAQs on Konverse AI Dashboard
Training FAQs on Konverse AI Dashboard

Utterances are the input from the user which the chatbot must derive intents and entities from. To train any chatbot to accurately extract intents and entities from the user's dialog input, it's imperative to capture a spread of various example utterances for each intent.

  1. In Bot Response you need to add nothing but the answer for the FAQ trained, Multiple Bot responses can be added.
  2. You can also add the Follow up block wherever needed in order to resolve an FAQ, just write the name of the block in the given blank.
  3. Click on Save
While your bot might understand new user intents with less than five different user says per example, however it is advisable to add at least 5 utterances for higher accuracy.
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