Handling Customer Small Talks

Learn how to manage and handle pre-built small talks within your Konverse Dashboard No Code Bot Builder.

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Small Talk is referred to as a casual conversation enabled by a chatbot to engage end-users. It instigates them to build interactions with the bot and in turn aids in socializing your bot and improves the recall rates. These conversations are very subtle and create a positive impact, it lures the user to interact with the chatbot repeatedly and improves customer satisfaction.

In Fact they’re some of the most common messages your bots will receive! 

Small Talks on Konverse AI Dashboard
Small Talks on Konverse AI Dashboard

On our Konverse Platform we already have trained the bot for these Small Talks, all you have to do is Enable it.

  1. Go to Bot Builder present on the Side Navigation bar on the Platform
  2. Select Smalltalk
  3. Enable the Button present in front of Small Talk and Save the setting
  4. Don't forget to Click on the Train button, it will train the bot accordingly

Small talk is used to provide responses to casual conversation. This feature can greatly improve the end-user experience by answering common questions outside the scope of your agent.

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