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Learn how to manage business hours, set away message for conversation that need agent assistance on the Konverse AI admin panel.

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Business hours are the hours of the day in which business is generally conducted. These are especially applicable for the customer support team to track the operating hours of the customer support. For your organization, you can configure multiple business hours. 

Business hour settings apply to case-related information about escalation rules and case milestones in the entitlement processes. Once the business hours are set, they can be used to set the time at which a support team will be available to work on the case.

Konverse AI Dashboard - Settings - Business Hours
Konverse AI Dashboard - Settings - Business Hours

To create a business hour, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Click on the Setting Tab on the Left side of the Dashboard Panel.
  2. Click on Business Hour.
  3. Click the Add Business Hour.
  4. Provide Name for the business hour (Eg. Office Hours).
  5. Choose a Time Zone to associate with the business hours in the Time Zone drop-down list. (You can set multiple business hours with different time zones)
  6. Use the Checkboxes to indicate which days your business is open. Click the Start Time and End Time values to specify the opening and closing times.
  7. You can add an Away message and customize it as per your requirement. Away message is nothing but a default message which will be sent to the customer enquiring outside the business hours.
  8. Tick the check box for capturing user details, associate conversation to support team, and provide email id in case you want to receive a copy of conversation.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You can also assign business hours as Default, Sales team and Support Team.

Once the business hour is created, you can now generate various reports for the particular business hours you have created.

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