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Canned responses are predefined answers or messages for the frequently asked questions typically for queries. Learn how to manage them.

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Canned responses are predefined answers or messages for the frequently asked questions typically for queries related to sales, customer support, or marketing. They are used to engage customers better during an ongoing conversation to deliver a faster & consistent response. 

With canned replies, agents can provide accurate information promptly that makes the conversation effective. Using these responses rightly across different conversations improves agents’ productivity. 

Importance of canned responses-

Canned messages play a pivotal role in making customer journeys whether it is sales or service more engaging. Using the predefined responses enriches the conversation by delivering quick and accurate information.

How to create canned messages?

Creating a canned response can help you avoid repetitive typing of replies during customer conversation so that you can be more efficient. However, following some tips while creating canned replies help in making conversation effective and boost customer satisfaction. 

  • Identify the frequently asked (FAQs) categories

In order to create canned responses, you need to identify the requests faced frequently by sales, support, or marketing teams. It gives you clarity about the issues and you can develop the best canned messages. 

  • Make replies as accurate as possible

Ensure that your pre-drafted replies should convey genuine information to the customers. Accurate answers engage customers in a better way and deliver a great experience. Eventually, they turn to be your best brand advocates.

  • Keep canned responses short & crisp

While designing the messages, keeping it precise and meaningful is essential. Creating canned replies to the point provides effective information that fulfils their purpose in minimal time.

  • Personalize your canned answers

Personalization adds sparkle even to the canned responses. Sending a personalized response leaves a deeper impact on customers along with instantly resolving their issues. 

Managing Canned Messages

  1. Go to Setting Option present on Side Navigation bar
  2. Select Canned Responses
  3. Click on Add Canned Message Button
  4. As soon as you click on the button you will see Create a new Canned Response on the right side of the screen
  5. Enter your Canned message and click on Submit
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