Measuring Agent Performance

Measure your teams' performance, individual CSAT, agent activity details and more with our Agent Analytics.

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Reports Overview- Reports, or also called Analytics, give you overall insights of what and in what volume is happening in your account. LiveAgent offers extensive reporting, including analytics overview, performance report, agent report, department report, tag report, time report or audit log, all exportable to CSV files.


Benefits of Live Agent Analytics-   

✔ Improve your agent’s performance

✔ Provide additional training to those that need it

✔ Improve customer satisfaction, experience, and sales

✔ Reallocate resources 

✔ Reinforce support channels 

✔ Find more cost-effective ways to solve problems


In addition to that, an analytics overview can also showcase areas of your business that are thriving. This is important because:

  •   You won’t have to overhaul your whole business/support strategy
  •   You’ll be able to reward overachievers
  •    Underperformers will be able to learn from overachievers

What features does Agent Analytics offer?

Thanks to the analytical function in LiveAgent, you can analyze incoming and outgoing messages & chats. You’re also able to check the results’ reports, sorting them by time, channel or department. What’s more, you get agent performance reports, performance reports by tag. You can choose the period from which the data come from and go back by even a year.

Types of report

LiveAgent offers comprehensive reports including analysis overviews, performance report, agent report, department report, performance report by tag, performance to time report.

These are the reports which you can download-

  • Aggregated Activity Chart
  • Agentwise CSAT
  • Tickets
  • User by device

 How to generate reports?

LiveAgent can present all the above-mentioned data in multiple formats, including area charts, line graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts. Moreover, all data can be exported into CSV files, making it easier to share with others.

How to find your agent analytics dashboard?

The analytics dashboard is visible to administrators only, so make sure you’re an admin of your Konverse account.

If you do have the administrator role, you can find the Live Agent analytics  by clicking on Dashboard> Live Agent Analytics that’s in the side navigation bar of the platform.

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