Overview: Bot Analytics

How well is your bot performing? Get your answer from the Konverse bot analytics dashboard. Find out how you can access & track your bot's performance.

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Deploying an AI chatbot is not enough. You must track how the bot performs

Konverse AI offers a comprehensive bot analytics dashboard that can help you get insights into your chatbot performance.

Here's how you can access and use the available bot analytics.

⦿ Sign in using your Konverse credentials

⦿ Click on the active bot to view the bot analytics

⦿ The landing page will show all of the chatbot analytics

⦿ You can also choose to view the bot analytics dashboard from the report option on the left panel

⦿ With the chatbot analytics dashboard, you can see the aggregated data of how your chatbot performed in the last week. You can change the date range to look at your bot performance analytics for a longer period too (like a month)

⦿ Further, you can choose any bot analytics card, as required, displayed on the dashboard

⦿ Like total visitors, new visitors, new leads, total conversations, session time, bot message, incoming message, average conversation, fallback rate

⦿ The bot analytics dashboard also offers information on channel-wise user engagement and conversations

⦿ From the channel-wise bot analytics, you can get insights on how the bot performs across different channels - website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Messenger

⦿ Further, the bot analytics dashboard also has a section that shows the device used by visitors (phones, laptops, or tabs), their location (country), and the time of visit.

Note: Konverse bot analytics dashboard also allows you to download the chatbot analytics data. It will be available to you via email.

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