How to work with FAQs

Your bots need to be trained with standard customer queries. And working with the FAQs feature makes the process easier.

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Learn how to manage the FAQ section on Konverse with the following steps.

  • Click on Bot Builder

  • Choose and Create FAQ

  • Start with the Name (Intent). Example - The subject Refund.

  • Then comes the 'User Says' option. Here add different questions or utterances for the same intent like - "What is your refund policy" or "Could I get my money back"

Note: The more the questions or utterances, the better the conversation.

  • Next fill up the bot response. Example- Sorry we do not have any refund policy 

  • Lastly, add the start intent in the 'follow-up' field to keep the conversation going

  • Click on save. Test the bot and implement. 

For more information on FAQs section, click here.

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