Collect Data: Phone Node

Getting the customer's contact number is a must. And you can do so by using the phone node in the bot conversation flow. Learn how to use the node here.

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The phone node is used to collect the user's contact number.

Let's see how it works! 👇

⦿ Create a greeting message using the text + buttons node

⦿ Add the buttons - Know more & Talk to agent

⦿ Collect the basic user info like name and email address, using the name node and email node respectively

⦿ Then choose the phone node under collect data and create a message asking the user to provide their phone number

⦿ You can also use the customization options for the phone node similar to the text node

⦿ Conclude the flow with a thank you message or we'll get back to you

⦿ Save the flow

⦿ Test the bot

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