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Is your bot employed across different channels? Click here to find out how you can manage it with Konverse AI’s ‘Channel’ feature.

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To manage the bot on different channels

  • Click on Settings

  • Choose Channels

There are three channels to manage - Web Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger & Facebook Messenger.

Web Messenger

Under web messenger, you get to access 2 pages:

  • Appearance: Let's one customize the bot. Add brand logo, background, text color, bot color, etc.

  • Script: Lets one copy the script and paste it at the end of a body tag across all web pages. This enables one to choose where the bot will appear.

WhatsApp Messenger

Under WhatsApp Messenger, one will find the following:

Details: Set up a basic WhatsApp profile with a profile picture, description, website, business category, email id, address, etc.

  • Templates: Send broadcast messages to customers

  • API Keys: Gives direct access to the API Keys

  • Set-up - Add a new phone number

Facebook Messenger: Enables implementation of bot on Facebook Page.

For more information, visit here.

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