Actions: Jump to a Story Node

An abrupt close to a bot-human conversation is not cool. So, using the jump to story node, you can redirect your customers to the main menu. Find out how!

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What is the use of jump to a story node? 🤔

Let's see!

⦿ Start with a greeting message using text + button node

⦿ Name the buttons as raise a complaint and talk to an agent

⦿ Then, add nodes - Name & Email under collect data (to collect data from user)

⦿ Finally, use the text + buttons node and name two buttons - We'll get back to you and Go to the main menu

Now comes the use of jump to a story node

⦿ Using jump to a story node under actions, redirect users to another story

⦿ Here, we have chosen the main menu but you can also choose another story for the users to get redirected to

⦿ Further, you also get options to schedule the triggering of the next story. You may choose from - Immediately, Schedule time, Delay

⦿ Save the flow

⦿ Test the bot

The bottom line - The jump to story node is used to redirect the users to a different story. Like, here we used the node to redirect the customer to the main menu.

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