Actions: Condition Node

Want to know how to use the condition node in a chatbot-human conversation? Watch this tutorial to get a comprehensive understanding of the condition node.

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A condition node is pretty useful in a bot conversation. Here's how.

📌 It is used when a specific condition needs to be fulfilled between two nodes (mainly options node) for initiating the next step.

Here's the process of using the condition node.

⦿ Start using the options node named choice under the collect data section

⦿ Provide buttons - know more and talk to an agent

⦿ Choose the condition node under the actions section

⦿ Choose button condition 1

⦿ Fill in the variable compare condition as choice 18 (that's the previous node); Operator as contains; and in place of enter value add know more

⦿ Similarly, you can add multiple options using + or remove them as well

⦿ Click submit

⦿ Create condition 2 in a similar way (watch the video for details)

In a nutshell- The condition created is for the variable - choice 18. The condition is if choice 18 contains the know more button, the condition applies and the chat continues to the next step.

Under know more you can use the name & email node, ask users 'may I know your name, email address?' and other basic info to collect user data. You can also give a message 'we'll get back to you' using the text node. Similarly, you can create the flow for condition 2.

⦿ Save the flow

⦿ Test bot

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